COVID-19 Guidelines

We realize that there are so many new changes to what is a normal tattoo experience and we do apologize if any of these changes are difficult to understand but we ask for your understanding as these are guidelines that are being regulated very closely by the health department, we ask that you read this in its entirety prior to your appointments and consultations. Our biggest goal is to keep you, the client, and our artists safe so that we can all go back home safely to our families. 

1. All clients & artists must wear a mask at all times. Please bring your own mask and apply prior to entering the premises. Should you not own a mask we do offer masks for sale.

2. Shop must take every clients temperature upon entering. All clients must wash their hands upon entering the shop. We will also provide hand sanitizer. Everyone must maintain a social distance of 6' whenever possible.

3. There will be no lip, face, ear or head tattoos until further notice.

4. You may not bring any guests or children with you. If you do so, they will be asked to leave even during consultations and the waiting period. We also ask that you bring as little possessions as possible, so that we may maintain a cleaner work space.

5. No shaking hands, fist bumps, hugs or high fives. 

6. We will be working by appointment only, as we must keep our waiting room completely empty. We are also required to space our client appointments out to avoid congestion, so please be patient and understanding. 

7. Please call the shop (5622819399) when you arrive (prior to your appointment) so that we can open the door for you. We will then direct you to wash and sanitize your hands. 

8. If you are looking to consult with an artist please call the shop prior to entering so that the artist may make themselves available to you. There will be no walk-ins for the time being. Everything will be done by appointment only.